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Welcome to another year of marathon skating and our new site!

The site is a work in progress. We hope to offer new improvements like online race registration, etc. Stay tuned!

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MSI Sports Timing

transponderOnSkaters MSI aims to grow participation in races, make races more exciting for spectators, encourage community involvement in ice and roller sports, as well as provide a useful tool for skaters and coaches.

Convinced that electronic timing was crucial for the growth of the sport, MSI acquired an AMB electronic timing system in 2005. Electronic timing makes it possible for race organizers to stage races requiring accurate lap counts and times. It does away with the need for volunteers to manually record lap counts with paper and pencil.  Timing chips provide an accurate finish time and eliminates controversy at the end of a race.

Professional electronic timing is now a reality for amateur racers, be it ice, inline, road, triathlon, or other races. MSI Sports Timing seeks to organize and act as consultant to race organizers. MSI Timing has developed a Race Director manual which provides checklists for the materiel needed, and a chronogram for the race and volunteer personnel.  

MSI has access to ProChip transponders that attach to the skater's ankle for use in marathons (see arrows in accompanying photo, above, of the Quebec City Marathon). The timing system employs a loop of thin wire stretched across the finish line, either embedded in the ice or secured with duct tape on pavement for inline events. As a skate's transponder passes over the wire loop, an electronic signal is sent to a nearby computer to calculate the skater's time and lap count. Eventually the data is uploaded to www.mylaps.com, where skaters can go to review their race results, including times for each lap, best lap time, and their finish order in the race (see illustration, below).

MSI Sports Timing is proud to have timed since its inception the Montreal 24hr Inline Relay, a charity event held at the world-famous Gilles Villeneuve Formula One Track adjacent to downtown Montreal. With breath-taking views of the St Lawrence River and Montreal’s Old Town, this race drew more than 1,000 skaters in 2009. MSI Timing is the exclusive timer for the MSI's Ice Marathon Series held each winter in several Canadian provinces and in the US.